Welcome to Technical Dose. The Blog is Written and Managed by me, Ankur Tailang. As a Computer Science graduate, I try to learn number of things about various techniques and technologies that are there in my field and whatever I have learned till date and whatever I will be learning in near future I want to share it with all of you to make you guys understand how cool and wonderful Computer Science is. Rather than sitting over there and wondering how is this happening, how all these kinds of stuff works, let just try to learn the concepts and stories behind all awesome things and try to make a difference in the society by making other to learn it as well.

  • I Post articles daily, so make sure that you visit my blog more often than not otherwise you will miss on something pretty interesting.

  • I try to explain the concepts in simple language so that everyone can have a go at them, but as computer science consists of a number of technical terms as well so in some places I have to look after them as well.

  • The Concepts that I am presenting over here, I have read them somewhere over the web or I have grasped them from some book or from some youtube channel and along with all what I have learned I try to present in a simple way and by adding my point of view and my additional information about the concepts.

  • I try to present the content in an interesting and catchy way so that you guys don't really get bored while reading them.

  • Share the Content with your friends, with your colleagues and make them a part of an awesome world of technologies.

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